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Head Massager - Intelligent Pressure

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Relax the tension and pain of head effectively. Massage the special points in head and neck to improve the blood circulation.Based on traditional Chinese Chanel theory, and combined with the mordern medical theory, our uique physical therapy acts on the key points of head & eye to improve the blood circulation, promote the movement of brain cells and ease the tension and pain of head.

1/With the advanced air acupressure technology, the unit can bring the most comfortable air pressure massage to major points of head and neck area.

2/Designed with 1 automatic program

3/Designed with vibration function on top part of the head. 

4/Equipped with small speakers around ear area or use the earphone.

Features : This product is the head of many point massage , acupuncture and each organ or physical condition with some closely related. So as to promote blood circulation Shujin, improve metabolism, relieve pain and pressure ; enhance memory ; improve learning efficiency ; improve sleep quality ; enhance the body's resistance to disease and other effects. Meanwhile brain easily massage section in a relaxed way , so that you get the most comfortable massage pleasure and 

Head Massager recuperate through massage to the brain. Soothing head massage relaxation mode by tight, continuous air pressure massage to help relieve pressure on the brain and a sense of tension quickly . It massages the cerebral cortex, activated cell viability, and brain nerves, the brain has a maintenance effect, dizziness , headache, neuralgia , relieve insomnia has a certain effect.

 this isn’t some kind of new telepathy device this lady is wearing. What it is, however, is a head massager that the maker claims will relieve tension.

One of the main features of the OSIM uCrown Head Massager is that it uses strategically placed airbags around the device that targets acupressure points on your head to ease headaches and stiff necks. In addition to the acupressure massage, the uCrown utilizes vibrating heat and massage to also aid in stress relief. If that wasn’t enough, the device even includes built-in speakers and relaxation music to add to the whole relaxation effect. The UCrown even has special programming built in that uses a combination of these effects to help relax or energize you.

{ad}If you happen to suffer from a lot of tension headaches, then this device could help you out. My only improvement I would add is the ability to add your own MP3 music. Other than that, maybe a lower price tag. The OSIM uCrown Head Massager can be purchased for $199.


Finally, a great scalp and head massager designed for home use. head and scalp massage--and enhanced with a combination of patented air pressure technology, vibration massage, magnetic therapy, gentle heat and soothing music. A choice of programs target key acupressure points for the desired effect. Ergonomic design is close and comfortable for any size head. Adjustable fit. Includes auto-timer that lets you set your massage session at 5, 10 or 15 minutes. Portable and cordless. Uses 4 AA batteries (not included).

A comprehensive massage experience.
Patented air pressure technology, vibration massage, magnetic therapy, gentle heat and soothing music combine to deliver a tension-relieving, circulation-boosting treat to your head and scalp. The unique "human touch" acupressure massage is designed to simulate the hands of a professional massage therapist.

Add a soothing soundtrack.
To further support relaxation and an overall "feel-good" experience, add a soothing soundtrack with music from three categories: Wellbeing, Ambiance and Nature. Includes built-in speakers, earphones and remote control.


Relieve your fatigue and headache, effectively raise your spirit, and improve your response.

Improve and get high-quality sleep, and prevent brain diseases.

 Eliminate neck pain, dizziness, and headache, alleviate eye fatigue, and reduce blood pressure.


*Work with Air pressure
*With a built-in three-dimensional negnetic field
*Work with multi-vibration 
*Natural music, relax music and brain wave music
*Work with 5, 10, 15 minutes   
*Adjustable head size;

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