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ACS Shubham Swastik Yantra I Best - Size 9"x9"

Price : 490 / 7

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26 cm
26 cm
3 cm
320 gm
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DESCRIPTION : This unique swastika is an auspicious symbol of fortune and wellness. Brings all-round prosperity and wellness. Creates purifying, divine & positive energy at the entrance, rooms, wall or objects. Must at home and work place for success and fast progress. Unfolds worldly pleasures as well spiritual enlistment to influence intellectual mind. Just place your Swastik between hands and close your eyes. With a positive mind program it with a personal wish. It is also very effective for cash box, cupboards, pooja rooms, computer, study table or other such places. It can be used in multiples of 3 and 9 at a time for Vaastu and Pyravaastu.

Swastik Symbol of Lord Vinayak, Subh & Labh

Symbol of prosperity, success and wisdom. The destroyer of all obstacles.

Subh : Aspicious and brings good fortune. 
Labh : Grain and for wellness

Swastik symbol of Sun and Moon

Initiation, Brahma Swarupa - producer of everything, balance, energy, life and light. For spiritual attainments and worldly pleasure.

Swastik symbol of Lord Vishnu and Shri Laxmi

Omni present, supreme force with eight elements - Heaven, Space, Earth, Water, Medicine, Flora, Vishvay Deva and Brahma. They spread peace in the universe. Swastik the symbol of Astha Laxmi; the Divine energy that brings abundance of wealth and prosperity.

Swastik symbol of four ends of human existence

Kama : Wish desire, affection. love sensual enjoyments.

Arth : Object, purpose, aim, wealth richness, money and prosperity.

Dharma : Religion, law, practice, custom, moral duty, Justice and equity.

Moksha : Liberation, release, escape, freedom and final emancipation.

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