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Sub - Health Diagnosis Therapy Device

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Sub-Health Diagnosis Therapy Device (GB-68A)
Our range of Acupuncture Pen/Sub-Health Diagnosis Therapy Device (GB-68A) is specially designed to reduce the effect of muscle stress and pain. The massager stimulates traditional Chinese remedies through the use of an electronic current directed into the painful area of the body. The current produces a curative effect particularly for patients suffering from pain in the neck, back, loin and various other joints. There are six exclusively designed programs for the machine, each program itself consisting of six differing wave currents of healing composition, achieving a feeling of manual massage by hand. Through consistent use of the machine and its functions, patients can improve the blood circulation through muscles and benefit from reduced fatigue as well as strengthening of muscles.

Treatment Mechanism:
The sub-health diagnosis therapy device synthesizes the six micro-computer programs imitating the real man into the electric current, acting directly onto the effective acupoints of the human body. Based on the feeling of pulling, retaining and stwisting of the acupuncture to get the “Qi”, forming the low-frequency stimulation, restraining the sympathetic nerve, expanding the the blood cell, promoting the blood circulation, enhancing the engulf function of the body’s tissue, thus relieving the inflammation and swelling.
Competitive Advantages of the product
1. Various acute and chronic diseases; hypertension, rheumatism, arthritis, periarthritis, lumbar muscle strain, abdominal pain, neuralgia, muscle fatigue, etc.
2. Uncomfortable in body: fatigue of the whole body, neurasthenic, soreness of loins and back, pain of shoulder and neck, pain in leg, etc. It is easy to operate and convenient to take along.


Diagnosis Function (How to find the acu-point) Inside all the IMng bodies, there is always certain special resistance and current. According to the resistance theory far different parts of the body, different points or diseased organs, using the intelligence of microcomputer CPU and the technology of frequency conversion digital biologic wave to searching for the right point can solve the problem for searching for acu-point and increase the accuracy. The effect of treatment will also be obvious. When using the diagnosis fuction, you may analyze your health condiction through the data displayed on the LCD, which can help to find the disease as early as possible and prevent it to become worse. Latent disease will be therefore prevented in advance.
Range of treatment
Suitable for various acute and chronic diseases, assistant treatment for arthritis, periarthritis, muscle strain, and soreness of parts like neck, shoulder, lain, leg and so on.
How to use thetherapeutic apparatus
 1.Connect to the power supply: Connect the adaptor to the apparatus
   Press the power on button for 3 seconds to turn it onSwitch to the therapeutic mode.
 2.Electrode pad preparation: Take off the protective tissue stick on the surface of the pad
   After usage, stick the pad onto the wire routing board.
 3.Place the electrode Pad. Use a wet cloth to clean the skin and wipe the oil and sweat
   stain away. Stick the pad onto the position of the body where needs treatment. Two
   pads should stick to the skin in the mean time, or it will nat work. Not need to put the
   pads on the svmmetrical position.
Instruction on how to choose the acu-point when treatment
When treatment, users are suggested to choose the suitable acu-point according to
the disease. You may also turn to some other medical books for how to choose acu-
points. Using the acu-point locating function to detect the points and find it correctly
could accelerate the treatment and cure the disease as early as possible.
The main acu-points should be used every time, while the match acu-points are used
when necessary.
How to clean the electrode pads
After usage, D0 not wipe the adhesive surface with a tissue paper or a cloth  If a tissue paper is adhered to the adhesive surface by accident, do not try to peel it off. Instead, moisten the tissue paper with a small amount of water, and then it will came off easily. Wash the Pad when the adhesive surface of Pad becomes very dirty and the Pad is difficult to attach. The Pads should be washed after every thirty uses. Pads can be washed approximately ten times. Do not store the Pad under high temperature, high humidity, and direct sunshine. The adhesive surface may be damaged and the Pad may last shorter. If the adhesive surface becomes sticky or the Pad peels off, leave the Pad in the refrigerator (do not freeze) overnight. The adhesion may be restored. Pads are consumables. Purchase the optional Pad when the adhesive surface is damaged.
Correct Operation Instruction
1. Before using the treatment function, connect wire plug ofthe pads to the Electrode Outputjackofthedevice.
2. Adjust the intensity dial, increase gradually to the one which is suitable for yourself.
3. Press the mode selection button and choose the treatment mode.
4. Apply the electrode pads on part of your bodywhere weak organ locates or anywhere you want to massage.
5.Set the time how long the treatment is. When time is up, the device will turn off automaticallv.
 Treatment Time
 1.2-3 times in one days. 5-10 minutes for every treatment. Every treatment should not last over 30 minutes.
 2.Different persons will have different feeling when facing the same stimulation. Some  will feel the stim ulation is weak while others will feel it is strong. Stop using when your skin turn red on the part where the pads stick on.
 3.After usage, turn off the power, or set the time and it will turn off automatically.

Main Function:

(1) Diagnosis Therapy, as your best home doctor, locating weak acu-points on palm or all over the body with different detector heads.
(2) Electrical Acupuncture Therapy, treatment on the acu-point and ease the disease
(3) Heating function with pads, which gives you comfortable hot feeling and help to cure rheumatism
(4) Low frequency cure function, Simulation treatment mode: Hammering, Acupuncture, Naprapathy, Cupping, Scraping, Massage etc.
Combining the ancient knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine with sophisticated electronic circuitry, the MicroCare Acupuncture Pen utilizes completely painless, very low frequency stimulation, without piercing the skin. Based on the principles of acupuncture, but without the needles, this device is applied either directly to areas of discomfort or to acupuncture points that correspond to soreness or discomfort. Great for soothing stress relaxing before going to sleep.

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