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ACS Pyramid Water Stand Bimmor Set - White - Size 6"

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18 cm
18 cm
3 cm
200 pcs
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Pyramid is composed of by two words i.e. 'Pyramid' and 'Mid', the former means 'Fire' and the latter means 'Centre' There is an empty space between two pyramids and in these empty spaces, the pyramid increases electro-magnetic energy and biocosmic energy along with other forms of energies. Then, these energies and the individual's energy cause inter-related effect, which results into a feeling of consciousness powerfulness in the individual. The pyramid corner are the symbols of peacefulness, seriousness, wisdom and truth. The uses of pyramid bring on happiness and prosperity. Use of Pyramid Water & Treatment by Water : Water, the nectar on earth, the most important essentiality of life, when treated with Pyramid can be our best "Natural Tonic." Pyramid treated water not only acts as a tonic to the body but, it has numerous other advantages too. When Pyramid treated water is applied to injured parts, instant relief has been reported and the same has also been reported for insect bites and rashes. Pyramid water when applied to face for about 5 to 6 weeks, the skin becomes smoother and more younger looking. It is also found that taking a glass of Pyramid water daily acts as an aid to digestive system. An upset stomach quickly heals and elimination process also improves leading to better health. It is also reported that the water left inside the Pyramid somehow retains its oxygen.

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