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Acupressure Body Massager - Multiplex Vibrator

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14 cm
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9.5 cm
300 gm
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Energy Ball:- this is specific single point charger is an ideal tool specially added in Body King. It helps in charging the specific and individual tender points. For better result select the point from acupressure chart given behind and press it by placing your feet on energy ball.

Micro Point Charger:- This unique feature is purpose fully added in Body King Acupressure Massager to charge all tender, essential and closely situated micro points of body, which are connected to brain activity and head. It is also valuable in treatment of Migraine, sinus, Tonsils, Depression and Allergy. As well as improve Immunity, Balancing Hormones.

Redial Rings:-Body King Acupressure Massager is the only roller in India with these extra Redial Rings to energized selected vital organs or vital points eg. Pressing the hell points on Radial Rings can be valuable in treatment or Sciatica Leg Pain. Cramps, Heel pain and Knee pain as well as Reproductive organs disorders.

16 Acupressure Wheels:- Body King Acupressure Massager has inbuilt, high power, computer placed 16 Acupressure roller, which improve the metabolic activity of each cell, which enrich the oxygen level and blood circulation

Benefits:- B.P. Controller, Diabetes Controller, Fat Looser, and Joints, Back, Lower Back, Shoulder, Neck, Arms, Legs, Hands, Feet, Knees, Elbows, or any of the Body or Muscles Pain


  • Hight Quality Electronic Components & Heavy Duty Motor
  • Impact Absorption Body
  • Battery Operated/ Adopter Operated (Cell not Included)

By exercising for three to five minutes on this Massager in the morning and evening keeps your body healthy.

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