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Kolvin - 15 Attachment

Price : 650 / 8

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Instrument Code
16 cm
22 cm
5 cm
700 gm
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QTY in Per Box

Product Description

Kolvin Face Massager with 15 attachments

It is Beautiful product for ladies and jents.
This is easy to use and you can save money & Time by using this product you go to the beauty parlour for facial and you have to give your time as well as nice amount for the facial.
But buy our product so that you can save your time and money you can become beautiful by using this.
kolvin Face Massager For your Full Body Relief with Ten attachments
Facial Care : Soft foam Puff aids Application Of facial Cream and Loations.
Magnetic Breast Massage-For Development Of Breast & Blood Circulation.
Head Massage : For Relief In Headache & Tension.
Tummy MassageFor Reducing Weight & Tummy Ache.
General MassagerFor Relaxing Massage With Magnet.
Body Manupulator : Large Conecentric Ring Give Unique Variable Massaging Action.
Ear Massage-For Whole Body Massage Through Accupressure Therapy.
Scalp Massager Resilient,relaxes Help Stimulate Scalp & reduce dandruff.
Muscle Magnetic StimulatorFor Relief In Body pain,Backache &muscleache.
Accupressure Massage-For Whole Body Massage through Accupressure therapy.
2 Position Selector Switch
Low Speed Massage For body Relaxation.
High Speed To Prevent Tiredness.

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