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The Energy King Massager is the perfect at-home massage tool to take care of those tension knots and help alleviate stiff and sore muscles. With eight interchangeable massage heads, this mobile massage miracle can work out that stored up tension in the comfort of your own home. The Energy King Massager can be used for massaging the neck, shoulders, arms, thighs, calves, back, waist and the stomach. Vibration massage can promote the blood circulation in our bodies. Using the Energy King Massager helps us in more ways we can think of. It alleviates several aches and body pains which are often caused by tiredness and rheumatism but most commonly are caused by an uncomfortable blood circulation within the body. This is why this Energy King Massager has been engineered for the betterment of the blood flow. Aside from these, it also helps clean away the tic on the shoulder which is caused by a night's uncomfortable sleep. This way, you can avoid those sudden, repetitive motor movement or vocalization involving discrete muscle groups. Common motor and phonic tics are, respectively, eye blinking and throat clearing and those are never fun. Used for tapping the body under the theory of high frequency vibration. Can clear blood vessels, particularly the twigs of capillary vessels. Blood circulation will be promoted immediately and lymph functions will be improved. Based on human physiological theory, The scientific design and the frequency. Vibration will relieve muscle pain.  Eliminates pain caused by irregular circulation of breath and blood. Relieves fatigue caused by fierce sports activity .Relaxes muscles. Can massage convulsions in the shoulders. Spherical masseur head is convenient to use. With long-distance infrared ray treatment. Various vibration intensity options are available. Helps user burn fat and lose weight. This product uses 220V/50Hz power supply, use the first power plug into a power outlet, then the function switch to pull to the above high-end, the middle is off, the following is low. The use of the massage "shock" in various parts of the physical therapy, massage. After the end of the role of massage, set the function switch pull off stall, and then the power plug from the power supply.This product with infrared.


  1. Reduces muscle ache.
  2. Speeds up fat burning.
  3. Promotes blood circulation.
  4. Builds up the immunity functioning.
  5. Streamlined character design is more stylish.
  6. Penetrating massage stretching body and mind.
  7. Strong and vigorous beating function.
  8. With speed adjusting function.
  9. Streamlined design, light and nice.
  10. Strong-headed and strong thump and in-depth massage, more effectively relieve discomfort and restore vitality.
  11. There is do not you exert pressure to achieve the desired effect.
  12. Ergonomic design, streamline handle can easily massage any part of the body.


  1. Non-Stop speed massage strength is more convinient to use.
  2. Long enough handle is more flexible to massage back and waist.
  3. Eight interchange massage head.

In Energy King Massager, you can :

  1. Ease the pain caused by obstructed blood circulation in the elderly.
  2. Relax the muscles and eliminate pain caused by loads in training.
  3. Ease muscle spasms neck and shoulders caused by the awkward position while sleeping
  4. Get rid of fatigue after a hard day



  1.  Reduces muscle-ache.
  2. Speeds up fat burning.
  3. Promotes blood circulation.
  4. Improves the immunity function.
  5. After the end of the massage, the power is turned off, and unplug the power plug    socket, for safety's sake.
  6. Is strictly prohibited for use in a bathroom or wet environment.
  7. Used in people with varicose veins or skin paralysis parts, please consult a doctor, the site of burns and scalds, do not use weak people use when appropriate to shorten the time and the use of weak gear, children and pregnant women avoid to use.
  8. Clean the unit, disconnect the power cut off, wipe with a mild detergent and soft cloth, do not use corrosive cleaning agents


  1. Firstly insert the plug into the socket.
  2. Select the massage intensity, Up-thrust is "Strong", Down-thrust is "Feeble" and the Middle one is for the "Power Off" status. One cannot exceed the time of 5 minutes per massage done in one particular position, 20 minutes in total is good enough for a day's massage.
  3. Please drink a cup of warm water after the massage to promote the body's metabolism


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