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Acupuncture Diagnosis

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  • The product is based on physics, bionics, human resistance sensor detection theory, bio-electricity, Chinese acupuncture, magnetic resonance, Chinese classical medicine and modern microelectronic technology, combined with a large number of clinical practice and research and development , and the product not only has the hammering, acupuncture, cupping, scraping, and massage features five Chinese model and blood pressure, neck and shoulder, lumbar and leg and other comprehensive prescription pattern, while the more search points, electric moxibustion therapy and other functions, and joined the Chip heating function, can produce 45-55 degree temperature, so that treatment is more evident. To alleviate fatigue and treatment of peripheral nerve injury and paralysis.
  • 2. Treatment principle is to simulate reality the product of five micro-current synthesis of current procedures, the direct effects on human body points, according to the feeling of the formation of low frequency acupuncture stimulation, inhibition of sympathetic nerve, dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation, strengthen the body tissue phagocytosis, to inflammation and swelling; the same time the synthesis of high-energy distribution can also excited current to stimulate nerve fiber, interference cortex, caused by masking effect, analgesic effect; another by a certain section of the distribution of the pulse rate of neuromuscular electrical stimulation can cause muscle contraction and relaxation, in motion effects, can ease fatigue and treatment of peripheral nerve injury and paralysis.
  • 3. Search point principle according to different parts of the body, different acupuncture points or acupuncture points corresponding to the biological disease resistance nuanced theory of intelligent use of microcomputer CPU chip, digital frequency conversion technology to explore bio-wave points, overcome the blind cave to find the defects, make the point accuracy greatly improved. Treatment effect is very significant, point use search function, you can use this function through the liquid crystal display value for the health of organs, to early to symptomatic treatment, the purpose of preventive measures.
  • 4. Principles of electric power moxibustion moxibustion treatment of the physiological effects of electricity on the human body, instead of using bio-wave stimulation, especially to deal with persistent symptoms refractory to choose functional electrical moxibustion treatment has good effect.
  • 5. Patch far infrared heating function of temperature by heat, resulting in a constant temperature of 45-55 degrees, deep infiltration of the skin, eliminate sub-health symptoms. Red can penetrate the skin to help release nitric oxide, which play to relax blood vessels, prevent blood clotting function. To sub-health regions to improve blood circulation. More blood can reach the injured tissue, increase the supply of oxygen and valuable nutrients. By infrared heating function, the treatment effect can be achieved more with less, so patients feel comfortable.
  • 6. Point to Point test detection alarm, easy no pain, no side effects, 1-2 minutes to identify the general malaise. This is because the human body corresponding points of local lesions will have a "positive points", such as tenderness, nodules, deformation, discoloration, blisters, dislocation, and decreased resistance phenomenon, this product is the point of resistance through positive changes in and converted into sound and light alarm signals, to predict the treatment purposes.
  • 7. Low points immediately after the treatment of functional find easy access to the treatment of functional, then the muscles will be strong reactions, such as the point corresponding to a sub-health or pathological state of human feeling is more intense. Corresponding cell populations of human organs and electrophysiological stimulation produced by biological axis network, directly to the body tissue lesions, to regulate the growth and strong electric field, the activation of biological cells to adjust radical, fundamentally regulate the body's absorption, conduction balance, metabolism , immune and other functions, to achieve the purpose of prevention and treatment.

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