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Eye Care Massager With Magnetic Point - General

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18 cm
21 cm
9 cm
400 gm
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Health care of eye massages the machine Is the domestic found of popularize and universal type is unusual to protect the eye tools and implements, she according to the Chinese medicine veins and arteries theory, order through 6 massages to massage an acupuncture points of eye at the same time, stimulate to see the cell of vertebra and see the nerve with the take exercise, alleviate the lash form muscle tired, ease the long time with the eye result in of the eye stem puckery and ache, in harmony with spirit blood, promote metabolism, protect the eyes to rest and restore energy, strengthen a cell of eye organization nature from more ability, at the time of prevent. From near sight, amblyopia wait the eye disease deepen, and the effect that receive the hairdressing eye department. The product adopts the glasses type shape, wearing to wear the comfort, the external appearance elegant color bright, is student and ladies extremely good of the eye department care the little nurse, also is donate the good friend extremely good of gift, donation, promote sales the article. Own 1.5 of sight, be unequal to without eye fatigue. This product has it can go deep into the skin next 3 mms, mutually wrong arrange, formation circulation magnetic field, valid improvement The eye department and the tiny circulation of the brain, can remove the eye Cape crease, black rim of eye, protection Sight, the exaltation memory. Be applicable to each member of family

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