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ACS Chiropractic Cervical Strap / Y Shaped Belt

Price : 990 / 50

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Instrument Code
8 cm
29 cm
5 cm
300 gm
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Product Description

Reduction of Stiffness tension & compression force in the Spine & Cervical.
Neck Strecher Strap Spine Chiropractic Decompression Tool
Cervical Neck Traction Device Over Door For Home Use,Portable Neck Pain Relief,Physical Therapy AIDS For Neck Decompressor.

HIGH QUALITY: The neck traction strap is made of premium neoprene fabric which is soft, comfortable and skin-friendly. With ergonomic design, it can fit perfectly with your neck and cheek to provide comfort even after long-time use.

STRONG & STEADY: The premium material makes it safer and steadier for you when you use it without being afraid of breaking off.

EASY TO USE : One minute is all you need to ready this neck device. Wrap the straps around any
doorknob, railing or bed. You could also ask someone available to pull the strap. The decompression
Y shape belt can be used whenever you need rapid neck pain relief.

PORTABLE & LIGHT WEIGHT : Soft fabrics keep your head comfortable and relaxed. Light weight, the
perfect size allows you to carry it anywhere, anytime.

PAIN RELIEF OR RELAXATION:Our Cervical traction strap is available for athletes, laborers, dancers,
people who work long hours. Our neck stretcher helps you relax or stay away from the pain and
troubles of cervical vertebrae syndrome, to enjoy a comfortable and healthy life.

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