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ACS Vacuum Cupping Ladies - Breast Enlargement Cup Set

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15 cm
20 cm
13 cm
200 gm
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Product Description

Intensive Breast Enhancer is for firming and enlarging of underdevelopment breasts with immediate results!
Good, quick, and effective vacuum suction for females and males who want to enlarge their breasts. Or for those who want their breast to be firmer.
BREAST Enlargement system is a nonsurgical, scientifically-proven, breast enlargement system. It uses negative pressure to apply a gentle three-dimensional pulling force that causes the breasts to slowly and naturally grow an average of about one cup size. The method lifts, shapes, and fill the breasts. The procedure creates no scar tissue, no stretch marks, no asymmetry of breast.  

How does it work?
Intensive Breast Enhancer is based on a medical principle known as tension-induced growth: Intensive Breast Enhancer's vacuum stretches the breast tissue gently over a sustained period of time. When healthy cells are stretched, they respond both by swelling temporarily and by replicating until, eventually, the cells divide to accommodate stretch force. The new tissue is identical to the woman's original breast tissue, and feels the same both to her and from the "outside."


It is made from clear plastic material with a valve attached to the top used with manual or automatic vacuum apparatus


  1. Easy to use
  2. Disposable (one time use) and sterile
  3. Inexpensive
  4. Self-Suction Cups
  5. These cups are made from plastic and there is a handle of rubber attached to the top of the cup; or a top rotator to apply suction these cups are used for dry cupping in children and old people


Limit suction power; you can do only light and medium dry cupping by it.

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