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ACS Walker - Vibrator Infrared Chi Walker

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40 cm
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36 cm
7000 gm
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DESCRIPTION : Congratulation on buying of this appliance which might be a help that you will feel healthy and fit.. Please read this instruction very carefully before using this item. When passing item to another person you have to hand over this instruction, to manufacturer. lmporter and seller will not be liable if these instructions are not allowed lf you have any questions, need technical information or want to order spare parts please contact our customer-service. lf the supply order is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent or a qualified person indoor to avoid a hazard.

 General information: Please keep the original packing during the legal warranty period. lf you want to get rid of the packing please dispose it environmental friendly afterwards. Dispose of item: lf you want to get rid of the item please contact your dustman as this item odes not belong into the domestic refuse. Care: Please inform customer-service to replace broken Never repair item by yourself. parts immediately. Clean item with a humid towel and mild agent (do not use aggressive age nts ). Before cleaning you have to unplug the item. The cloth mat is not washable in the washing machine.

 This item has been conceived only for the use at home. lt is for fitness and condition training. ltem is not suitable for fitness studios (Professional and/or commercial use) and should not be used or specialtraining for competition and related sporting activities.

 This item isn't conceived for medical use! Use the item as described in your exercise instruction only! This item is not toy and should not be used by children! ln case you will allow your children to use this item, you should consider their

intellectual and physical development and above alltheir temperament. Don't allow your children to use this item without supervision. Explain the correct use and these safety instructions to your children. Parents and other persbns in charge should always think of their responsibility and consider that- due to the

natural play instinct and their tendency to experiments-they have to reckon with situations and behavior for which this fitness item has not been constructed. You have to keep item in away that children could not use it without supervision.

To protect your floor covering (carpet, tiles...) put always a pad underneath the training area. For your own safety please check your item before each use (damages, loose screws, threadbare parts.) ln case of any defects item should not be used anymore before repair. Put the item on an even, non slippery surface before each use. Wear comfortable clothes.

You have to do some warming-up exercises without item before each training. Start your exercises slowly and increase intensity of exercises gradually up to the desired and still self-controlled efficiency. Follow all point of your exercise instruction. We distinctly point out that when using the item inexperily or when

training too much, injury of health may occur.

 DO NOT USE TTEM OUTDOORS. Only one person is permitted to use this item at a time. Ask your doctor if you belong to a risk group concerning your health. lf necessary, please discuss your training program with him Pregnant women should not use this item or only after having consu lted thei r doctor. Attention: lnterrupt your exercise immediately when feeling weak or giddy Consult your doctor immediately when feeling sick, having pain of breast or joints, heart beat or any other symptoms. Manufacturer is not responsible for improper use. It is not allowed to use the item, if the plug or the cable shows any damages.Please check that the technical details on your item, the plug or the cable shows any damages. Please check that the technical details on your item and power pack will agree with the voltage of your current meter. Don't bruise or bend cables and pipes and keep them away from hot surfaces. Don't place item near hot or damp areas (not under 0 and not over 40). Before cleaning you have to unplug the item. The item is not allowed to wet. Don't stand on item or user it improperly.

 USE: Make sure to place the item on an even and hard ground. The item has to be placed on all 4 rubber feet on the ground. Wear comfortable cloth and take off your shoes. It is good to drink a glass of water before exercise so the need of liquid is subdued. Lay on your back and lay yourfeetjoints inside the deepening of the foot support. Place the turn able disc under your bottom, so direct affect of your lower back will be prevented.

 Turn on the item with the time switch, so your body becomes habituated to the rhythmic. Start with 2 or 3 minutes. You should do this exercise 1-2 times per day (1 in the morning for vitality, I in the evening for relaxation). lf you got used to the exercise you can increase the duration up to 15 minutes per exercise. ln order not to blockade the movement the item can be damaged.

The item automatically turns off if the adjusted time is over. Don't get up immediately, keep laying down for a while. Va ria n ts of exe rc is es :


Lay down on your back, your arms parallel to your body, with palm of your hands inside. With this method you can relax the best way.This exercise can help by sleeplessness and stress. The rhythmic movement goes through your complete

body form your feet up to your head. 2.Exercise method Lay down on your back and cross one's arms in your neck. This way you can exercise your breast and arm musculature and tenseness can come loose. 3.Stretching method. Lay down on your back and stretch out both arms over your head. lnterrupt your exercise immediately if you feel weak or giddy. Persons with blood circulation problems, heart problems, epilepsy, balance problems and pregnant woman should not use

this item. lf you have any other not mentioned health problems ask your doctor before you exercise. lf you make the exercise for 10 minutes it agrees with about 1-hourwalk. Therefore it can happen that you will feel a little bit tired after the exercise. lt can also happen that you might feel some pain, some as after a longer hiking four. This might happen especial to people who have a lack of exercise. But after some time you will exercise your body and those side effects wil I d isappear.Function display on the Hand Gontroller





 The diagram of Hand Gontroller

 1 . SWINGT Swing mode: press this button with set speed of 5 levels, and speed will up to 6, 7,...1 0 levels while press the key of "+'1 lf user want to reduce speed

from 10 levels to 1 level, please press the kdy of ' - ': Press the button of " TIMER " under swing mode with set value of 5 and press the key of" + "for increasing time to 6, 7,...20 and vice versa by press the key of" - ". User can adjust speed & time of swing in anytime under swing mode. 2. VIBRATI0N: Vibration mode: press this button with set speed of 1 level, and speed will up to 2 levels while press the key of " + 'l lf user want to reduce speed from2levelsto 1 level, pleasepressthe keyof"- ". Press the button of " TIMER "under vibration mode with set value of 5 and press the key of " + " for increasing time to 6, 7,.,,20 and vice versa by press the key of " - ".User can adjust speed & time of vibration in anytime under vibration mode, 3. INFRARED: lnfrared mode: press this button for open infrared function, press again for turn off.

 Limited Warranty

The Company will repair this product with new or rebuilt parts,free of charge for one year From the date of original purchase to the event of defect in material or workmanship. A purchase invoice or any other proof of date of original purchase will be required before Warranty performance is rendered. This warranty does not cover any damage which results From accident. Misuse.abuse. alteration. modification or commercial use of this product. his warranty is not available if the product is used in a health club or for any commercial Purposes.

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