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ACS Magnetic Spinal Belt

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25 cm
45 cm
2 cm
700 gm
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Product Description

Permanent magnets are placed close to the body in order to cause bones to heal faster, relieve pain and induce other therapeutic effects. It is most commonly recommended by practitioners as a cure for joint disorders and back problems.

Magnet therapy is being used in muscle relaxation, pain relief and increasing blood circulation. Spinal magnetic belt is based on principal of magnetic therapy for support and relief in pain of spine. Due to lack of time, exercise in today's busy life, this belt is a best way of mental and physical relaxation, It give relief from tightness and pain of body due to long sitting on chair during office working time.

Direction for use -

1. Keep  negative part (Blue) of magnet toward spine.
2. It's can be used during office and kitchen work.
3. Wear it for half & one hour on spine.

Usage -
1. Relief in spine pain, back support, stressless, remove tightness of muscle & improve blood circulation.
2. It covers full spine from begning of neck to end of spine.
3. Along with 9 magnet on spine it have acupressure points on side, this combine effect of acupressure and magnet doubles it strength.
4. Comfortable in wearing. With Velcro closure  comfortable fitness  is given to body.

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