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ACS Super Power Magnet - Pyramidal

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2700 gm
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Superpower magnet - Generally, its scientific power is about 4000 -6000 gauss. In ordinary language, a magnet has the capacity to lift about 3 kg.


Two Super Power Magnet: Valuable in the treatment of various ailments, aches & pains of the body. Useful in magnetic therapy
Red Color indicates the North Pole
Blue Color indicates the South Pole

INDICATIONS: For gout, leg, knee, heel pain, improves blood circulation, lower back pain, complaints of hip joints, cervical spondylitis, shoulders and arms pain, sciatica, obesity and etc. Useful for making magnetic water, oil and milk.


Right palm on north-pole and left palm on south-pole.

Right Sole on north-pole and left Sole on south-pole.

Right palm on north-pole &  sole of left foot on south-pole.

Sole of left foot on north-pole & left palm on the south pole.

North-pole on right shoulder & south-pole on the left shoulder.
Useful for cervical spondylitis, pain in shoulders & arms.

South-pole below palm & north-pole on the neck.

North-pole on right side lower abdomen. South-pole on left side lower abdomen.

South-pole below the heel, north-pole above heel.

North-pole on right thigh & south-pole on left thigh.

A typical pose for thigh obesity & pain. Time about 10 to 15 min. 

South-pole under left foot & north-pole on the lower back center.Most useful for sciatica complaints.

South-pole on left back & north-pole on right back. Useful in backache. South-pole on the pelvis.

South-pole below palm & north-pole under the elbow.  Useful for tennis elbow, cramps of forearms & in general everything between fingers & elbow.

North-pole on the knee. South-pole below foot. Useful for all complaints at the knee to foot figures. Also cramps in calves.

        Hold the magnet according to the pole to be applied. Pass the magnet slowly at a distance of 2 to 3 millimeters from the body starting from the back of the neck & towards the shoulders & arms down to fingers; then same for another arm. The movement must be slow & steady. Again starting from the back of the neck down the spine to the hip down the right leg right up to the toes. Similarly for the left leg down. Magnetic energy is akin to our bio-energy & these poses are very effective for all complaints, soothes nerves. 



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