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Vacuum Cupping Set With Moxa

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Moxibustion cupping is mainly used for rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, cervical spondylosis, swelling, numbness and other symptoms caused by wind, cold, wet caused remission.

1. According to the disease selected points.

2. Select the appropriate moxibustion cans and comfortable position.

3. Will be selected moxibustion tank top piston upward way, in order to ensure ventilation.

4. The negative pressure muzzle gently caught moxibustion tank piston, the level quickly pulling the lever several times to the tank skin swell, the patient can tolerate the degree. The moxibustion tank side open, on the inner side of the tank ignited moxa placed.

5. Can not be directly cupping parts (such as the spine, waist) can use the connector.

Connector Installation Methods: The first connector at one end of the connecting rod big hole bulk spare before connecting the mouth, then the other end of the connecting rod small connector negative muzzle, making one end, then the tank before the mouth of a piston caps together, then moxibustion treatment tank on site.

6. Moxibustion tank after adsorption on the surface, gently rotating around the negative trend muzzle back down, tap the pot with piston to prevent leakage.

7. The end of treatment, the way of the piston can fall off.

8. Treatment: pull once a day, five days for children, adults seven days for a course. Interval 1-2 days, continue to the next course of treatment.

9. After the tank with the use of conventional with disinfectant, alcohol cotton wipe. Do not soak, boil or heat treatment.

10. When the tank treatment not pull on, check the tank stopper are sealed, vacuum tight connections guns and tanks, guns and tank if the level of vacuum, vacuum guns and tanks to pull the skin when pressure is It is too big.

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