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ACS Magnetic Eye Belt - Pyramidal

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New multi-energy eye belt is designed Combination of magnetic therapy. Use 30 minutes daily morning and evening.

INDICATION: Total eye relaxation, improve metabolic activity, blood circulation & oxygen level of each cell.

ACS Eye Belt with Multi-Energy is designed on time tested combination of Magnetic, Colour & Pyramid therapy to provide you natural & safe treatments and total eye relaxation. These functional belts contain bipolar magnets, aligned along acupressure meridians to improve metabolic activity, blood circulation and oxygen level of each cell. In addition, Eye Belt is also enriched with power pyramids to harmonize cosmic energy and amplify healing properties. Using this newest Multi-energy belt, helps relieve pain and discomfort, also increases energy level and enhances effectiveness.

नजर कमजोर होने, आँखों में जाल आने, पानी आने, लाल रहने व आँखों की किसी भी प्रकार की समस्या के लिए इस आई बेल्ट का 15-30 मिनट तक नित्य उपयोग करने से आश्चर्यजनक आँखों को आराम मिलता है। बेल्ट लगाने से पहले आँखों को पानी से धोएं ।

How to use 
Select a comfortable sitting or lying posture.
Fix Eye Belt  on your eyes (eyes closed).
Start  with 15 minutes whenever  needed. Over a  Period of  one month, you can extend the treatment to 30 minutes.
In case of discomfort reduce the time and if symptoms persist consult your physician.
It is also complementary to usual medical care.
Get Optimum results:
Close your eyes and visualise that a feeling of well being at the affected part is taking place.
Slow, deep and rhythmic breathing is important in manipulating the energy flow.
Soothing music, mantras or japs can accelerate the healing. 
Gradually go into a state of bliss and let the healing happen on its own for optimum result.
Valuable in treatment of
Eye stress
Far Sightedness 
Old age sight
Useful after
TV or a movie
Computer work 
Recommended to for all age group
Computer professionals
Top executive Students
Boost your vitality with
2 Magnets 
2 Pyramids
Green Peace Colour
For a sound sleep use for 30  min before going to bed.

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