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Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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10 cm
17 cm
5 cm
350 gm
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Product Description


Need to consistently check your blood glucose levels? Bothered about visiting your nearby testing lab often to figure out your blood sugar levels? Well, you just need to have the OneTouch SelectSimple Glucometer with you. This medical instrument will be able to get you your blood glucose readings in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is apply your blood on the testing strips and insert it into this glucometer and you get your blood sugar reading. Sounds easy?

Performance :

The OneTouch SelectSimple Glucometer is simple to learn and easy to use. It does not have buttons to confuse you. The readings appear clear and bold on the wide screen. The useful features of this instrument such as no setup, no coding and alert features reduces reading errors and gives you the peace of mind in knowing the correct blood glucose levels. If your doctor recommended a change in medication during your last visit and you want to know how the medicine is taking effect, well, you just need to have the OneTouch SelectSimple Glucometer with you. You could monitor your sugar levels at the needed frequency and take corrective steps without wasting much time.

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