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ACS Pyramid Feng Shui - Brown - Education

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Pyramid Feng-Shui kit includes all 9 Pyramid Feng-Shui shown in the catalogue, Each Pyramid Feng-Shui kit is well packed and ready to be installed individually or all at one place. Pyron due to its multiple benefits gives you easy solution to all Vaastu, Feng Shui and Chi management methods. There are nine types of Pyramid Feng-Shui kit. Each Pyramid Feng-Shui kit has a specific purpose choose one or more according to your wish and purpose. Your Pyramid Feng-Shui kit has a computer -uplifted specific 'silver code' and a gold-cosmic disc at the bottom to solve your everyday problems. Pre-programmed, dual energy tool for 9 specific purposes Pyramid Feng-Shui kit is the discovery of Dr. Choudhary intense research on pyramid, Vaastu, Yantra and Feng Shui. Double Energy - Multiple Results This first time ever! The design of Pyramid Feng-Shui kit imparts double benefit as it has inbuilt pyramid Yantra with 9 pyramid and 81 base pyramid. Also to add more power it is enriched with 9 pre-programmed copper discs at the bottom (pre-programmed for the purpose).

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