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Body Innovation Scm70h - Anticellulite

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26 cm
30 cm
12 cm
1600 gm
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  1. Massage IR switch AC220~240V, 25W 
  2. Professional lipo modeling system that effectively fights cellulite and flaccidity at home.
  3. Triple action: Eccentric circular massage, pneumatic pressure and infra-red heat.
  4. Professional technique: Gives subcutaneous massages that increase blood flow, helping to eliminate toxins and reduce accumulated fat.
  5. Result: Sculpts your figure and smoothes orange peel skin.
  6. Five interchangeable treatment heads: Allow massage to be adapted to each problem (soft cellulite, encrusted cellulite, edematous cellulite, flaccidity, etc...) 
  7. New silicone flat roller massage head: Suitable for painful cellulite.
  8. New parallel spiky disk massage head of semi-rigid silicone for thighs and buttocks. Removes cellulite, reduces 9.Flaccidity, stimulates blood flow, tones, and reduces volume.
  9. Power control. Can be used together with anti-cellulite products for a more powerful effect.



  1. Portable and lightweight. 
  2. Incremental speed dials adjustment. 
  3. High rotational speed up to 2500 RPM. 
  4. Comfortable soft rubber hand grip. 
  5. Five attachments for different usages Micro Filer Attachment (for feet) Roller Attachment Flat Attachment Wavy Attachment Tone muscles and release tensions. 
  6. Suggested Usage: Underarms: Toning your underarms. 
  7. Shoulder: Relieve tension and stress on your shoulders and back. 
  8. ABS: Slim and sculpt your ABS. 
  9. HIPS: Shape and tone your HIPS and buns. 
  10. Thighs: Slender your thighs and relieve muscle tension. 
  11. Calves: Relax tired and aching muscles. 
  12. Feet: Remove calluses and dry skin. 



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