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Feng Shui Bagua - Medium

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he Bagua Mirror is a protective tool used in Feng Shui to deflect and diffuse negative energy (also known as Sha Qi). It consists of a mirror, surrounded by eight trigrams (see diagram opposite). Examples of common Sha Qi found in homes can include;

  • A large building or corners of a building
  • Power lines
  • A T-intersection where the road points at the home.
  • Ugly scenery.
  • Incorrectly positioned trees.
  • An offending pole or any sort of tower.
  • A roof line edge or any other kind of building or structure facing your front door.
  • An escalator pointing towards your business.
  • Infrastructures or landscapes in front of your home or business front door.
  • An electrical transformer opposite your home.
  • A cemetery, mortuary or undertakers opposite your home.
  • A situation where vandals or trespassers frequent your home or business.
  • Your desk is at the end of a long hallway, or you sit with your back to the entrance.This is the rare instance where a bagua mirror is placed on the inside of a building - on the wall you are facing so that the energy of anyone entering is reflected.
The eight trigrams of the bagua

Bagua mirrors can also be used to counteract negative Qi of a spiritual nature such as evil entities.

They are only used outside the house, office or retail business, and are mounted above the door or window with the mirror facing toward the offending object/"poison arrow". Never use a bagua mirror on the inside.

Hint. Place a bagua mirror above your front door to harmonise and create good fortune for all those that enter. Next time you visit a Chinese restaurant or business, have a look above the entrance for a bagua mirror.

There are a number of bagua mirrors available through Natures Energies, each with a different nature.

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