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ACS Jal Neti Lota - Steel

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JALNETI is a very simple and effective treatment in Panch Karma Yoga. For headache and catrath, it is the best remedy. JALNETI is a well known and naturopathic practice to clean and keep healthy the organs of nose, neck mouth and head in HATH-YOGA.

CHARACTERISTICS OF LOTA - There is a special technique in the tube of out Lota, that can easily enter in the holes of nose. Its nipple would not make scratch inside the nose.


(A) First of all, take a litre of fresh water and mix one gram salt in it.

(B) Then sit on the feet and enter the nosal of Lota in your right nose. Bend your neck towards left side, so that water can come-out from the another nose. Keep your mouth open, such as to breath by throat and water may not go in to the throat also.

(C) Do the same process by another nose with the rest of water.

(D) After this, stand up and bend your waist to the front side. Now do the 'BRASRIK PRANAYAM' means-shut the mouth and throw your breeths out side hastily by nose so that the unused water would come out from the nose.

(E) In the end, apply some coco-nut oil in the nose with a finger.

ADVANTAGES OF JALNETI : It is a very efficacious to cure headache, cold and catarth etc. To keep fit, if you do this practice once a week, your vision and memory also develop and the mucus of your nose would refine too.

On primary stage, this practice should be done, in the presence of an experience-holder or at the nearest Naturopathic Hospital.

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