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ACS Magnetic Back & Belly Belt - 15 Magnet Velvet

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It is a pyramidal back & belly belt stitched in velvet. fifteen magnets are positioned over the acupressure meridians. Use the belt for 15-30 minutes daily.

ACS Back & Belly Belt is specially designed and useful to cover the large number of diseases suitable for ladies, young and elderly person on their back, abdomen and lower areas.
Belt contains groups at Em-Energy radiating parts which is useful in treating disease around the back, abdomen and lower portion. As per the research made by the Scientist Em-Energy containing belt cures a large number of disease.
• This Multipurpose Belt is useful in Back pain, Lumbago, Sciatica, Slipped disc, Osteo-arthritis, Spinal Arthritis, any type of pain inflammation to the back. Use belt on the back side.
• Obesity, weight loss, dissolve excessive fat of abdomen and give a slim trim figure at abdomen with 100% results. Use belt on abdomen portion.
• This belt is very useful in any type of digestive problems, urinary troubles and give strength and vitality to the male sex organs and make good flow of sex hormones.
• In female it gives good result in menstrual trouble and give strength to the ovary, uterus and maintain sex hormones.

Use the Red Colour Portion outside & Blue Colour with the contact of body may be worn on clothing also.

Duration : Long Term Use. Use belt 15-30 Min. in Morning  & Evening.

INDICATION: Useful for backache, obesity and digestion. Increases the blood flows to the abdominal walls and dissolves the excessive calcium deposits on the wall of the blood vessels. It improves the digestive system.

Available Size - 30,32,34,36,38,40,42,44

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