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Vijay Sar Cup - Diabetes / Sugar Jar Big - 5.8"

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Vijay Sar Cup
How to Use Herbal Wood Tumbler :
Wash the tumbler thoroughly.
Pour drinking water (Approx. 100 ml) in MadhuvijayTM Herbal Wooden Tumbler at night. After 8-10 
hours the water will turn brown in color. Consume this colored water 10-15 minutes before breakfast. 
Once again pour drinking water in MadhuvijayTM tumbler and consume it 10-15 minutes before dinner.
Repeat the use of MadhuvijayTM Herbal Wooden Tumbler continuously for 30 days and when the colour 
of water stops changing, scratch the inside of the glass carefully without hurting yourself and use again for 
7-15 days.
Use MadhuvijayTM Herbal Wooden Tumbler maximum for 45 days. Use a New Tumbler after every 45 
Along with Madhuvijay Herbal Wooden Tumbler, we supply 12 pieces of Indian Kino herbal wood. Carry 
this convenience pack along with you while traveling , so that you do not miss the herbal infusion. Put 1
(one) piece of wood in the glass full of drinking water(100 ml) at night. Consume this herbal water next 
morning 10-15 minutes before breakfast. Again fill the glass with drinking water & consume this herbal 
water 10-15 minutes before dinner. One piece of herbal wood can be used for 2 (two) days. i.e. 12 pieces of 
herbal wood can be used for 24 days.

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