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ACS Feng Shui Poster - Love Bird First

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Phoenix. The mythical Phoenix is the most famous bird in feng shui, and it is often paired with the Dragon as a feng shui symbol of marital happiness. On its own, the Phoenix has Yang energy, when paired with the Dragon it symbolizes Yin or female energies.


Love Bird

Love Bird

A pair of Love birds is considered as a symbol of love and romance. Love birds can be kept in South-West corner of the house or else in the south-West corner of bedroom because this corner is considered as the harbinger of love and romance. This shall improve your love life. You should not keep one single bird or three birds. One single bird can bring bad luck and three can spoil the relationship by increasing the possibility of third person’s entry in your relationship. You must make sure that both these birds have different gender.

Where to place Love Birds

  • You can place Love Birds in South-West corner of the house
  • You can place Love Birds in the south-West corner of bedroom.

Besides being potentiated with Cosmic Energy, by Ācharya Kalki Krishna himself, ‘AstroDevam.com’® energizes/consecrates Love Birds with Vedic mantras, beautifully combining with some other potent verses, before being forwarded to you.

Following are the uses of “love birds”:

  • Placing Love Birds improves love life.
  • Love birds give you strength of devotion.
  • Love birds give you a romantic bliss.
  • Not only will your reputation be enhanced over the years but also you will achieve recognition and attain great success in your chosen profession.
  • Keeping Love Birds in your house will form a strong attachment between partners.


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