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Clinical Acupuncture Without Chart English Book - Anton

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Clinical Acupuncture Book - Without Chart - Anton Jaysuriya - English

Years of clinical practice has positively identified that acupuncture has a definite place in the health care of all people of the world, both in the east and west, and it can be integrated successfully with modern medical practice. In properly trained hands it is inexpensive, harmless - but essentially effective over a large range of common disorders, and can be used, together with modern diagnostic methods, to help reduce the increasing upsurge of side effects (some serious) produced by so many of our potent modern chemotherapeutic agents.

This new edition of "Clinical Acupuncture", now translated to five languages, again flowing from the voluminous and seemingly never ending pen of Professor Anton Jayasuriya, is a further meaningful step in keeping students of this ancient art up to date with clear, concise information which should help them develop, with time, as well-qualified acupuncturists. In doing so, Professor Jayasuriya is making available to the world at large valuable material for the benefit of the whole of mankind.

Coloured acupuncture charts also available with the book from:
-  Anterior view of meridians
-  Meridian of the head (lateral view)
-  Posterior view of meridians
-  Ear

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